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Audition Process

Hudson Valley youth Jazz Orchestra

hvJAZZ has a place for all students in our program. However if you are interested in performing with our premiere ensemble, Hudson Valley Youth Jazz Orchestra, you must audition. You do not need to audition for hvJAZZ Lab or the hvJAZZ/Suny Ulster Jazz Ensemble. 

  • Contact us for an audition time.

  • This ensemble is only open to saxophones, trumpet, trombones, guitar, piano, bass drums and vibraphone. 

  • This ensemble is only open to High School students. 

  • Do not let economic hardship be a barrier: Please email us if you are in need of financial aid. 

Email us to schedule an audition time

Audition Materials

Saxophones and Brass 

Prepare an etude/transcribed solo and improvisation. There will also be a sight reading component. 


1. etude or transcribed solo. You may use any NYSSMA level 5 or 6 solos or any transcription of a jazz great. Examples are: Snidero's Jazz Conception book, or a jazz transcription book, or you can transcribe a solo yourself. 

2. Improvisation: Please select a jazz standard or blues that you can comfortably improvise over. Play the head, solo for a few choruses and then play the head one more time. Please provide a recording of a play-a-long. 

Guitar, Piano and Bass

Please follow the same guidelines as saxophones and brass. However, also demonstrate a chorus of comping (guitar/piano) or walking (bass) over a jazz standard. This can be included in either your improvisation, etude/transcribed solo or it can be separate. 


  1. Perform a blues selection, jazz standard, and ballad. For each selection, play time for the head, play time for one chorus, trade fours for one chorus, return to the head, and end accordingly.

  2. Demonstrate proficiency in various jazz styles and tempos, including:  4/4 and 3/4 swing (at various tempi), shuffle, bossa nova, samba, rock/funk, Brush technique

Please email us if you have questions about the audition materials, process or just want to confirm your choices. 

Email to schedule an audition time

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