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"Valley Views and Bridges: Storm King Ride at Sunrise" 
for alto sax, piano and marimba

Included is one movement from the 10 movement work by Bob Shaut.

This can be performed as a single movement or with other movements from the suite.

Other movements are for saxophone orchestra, and jazz saxophone quartet (plus bass and drums)

Valley Views and Bridges:Storm King for trio

  • Valley Views and Bridges
    Notes by Robert Shaut
    The Hudson River Valley is a magnificent place to see, to visit, and to live
    an entire lifetime. The musical ideas were inspired by the river’s size and power,
    the mountains rising from its coast line, its wealthy mansions (including one of a
    former president), and the many unique bridges connecting east with west.
    I. “What Henry Saw....” - As Henry Hudson sailed into what we now call New York
    Harbor in search of the Northwest passage, the river and the valley must have
    been a sensational sight.
    II. “Zap! View with a Twist” - The Tappan Zee bridge just north of New York City
    is a unique bridge, in that it is so close to the water, very long, and twists from the
    west side into the east side. The music describes the twisting of the always busy
    traffic patterns.
    III. “View That Changed Us” - On a sunny September day in 2001, the Hudson
    River was the guide used by the hijackers to reach the Twin Towers. The soprano
    saxophones are randomly playing the 9th and the 11th above the recurring bass
    pattern. Today the soprano parts will be played by the composer, Robert Shaut
    and Ryan Mantell.
    IV. “View from East to West” - The George Clinton (Kingston-Rhinecliff) Bridge
    is an open and high standing bridge that allows the drivers and passengers an
    uninterrupted view of where they are going. Looking east to west, one views the
    Catskill Mountains rolling for hundreds of miles.
    The idea of bridging genres of music is also a part of the Valley Views
    and Bridges concept. Robert Shaut is presently composing movements for a jazz
    saxophone quartet with bass and drums.
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